50% minted

Airdrop of other 3888 Evmos Guardians NFTs to all holders in 1 to 1 ratio!
Q4 2022

NFTs Staking

Lands Airdrop to Evmos Guardians Validator Node Delegators

Invaders 2nd Generation Airdrop to GRDN/EVMOS Liquidity Providers on Evmoswap

Q1 2023

Colonization: StarGaze Guardians

New Validator Node on Stargaze to generate P2E rewards

PvE Quests: Farm Items for PvP

Q2 2023

Invaders 3rd Generation Airdrop to StarGaze Holders

PvP beta testnet

Pvp beta mainnet

Q3 2023

PvP release

StarGaze Implementation